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Production levels of aggregates and at crushers have dropped by almost 40 per cent following a drastic drop in demand, industry officials said recently. Manufacturers of machinery and spares for crusher units yesterday said they were aiming at markets in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries to compensate for the drop in the demand in the UAE.

According to Moritz Kerler, Managing Director, Quarry Mining and Equipment, prices of aggregates on an average has dropped from Dh15 to Dh16 per tonne in 2008 to Dh12 per tonne at present. "The margins have reduced drastically. I know companies whose turnover has dropped by almost 80 per cent in 2009," said Kerler. He added there is an oversupply of aggregates in the market. "There are too many players as well. Today it is very easy to get into quarrying," he added. Amit Rupwal, Technical Sales Manager for GCC and CIS at Ocean Equipment Factory, said: "The quarries have downsized and thereby profits have fallen bringing down the business opportunities for machinery suppliers.?