Improving the health of cooling equipment with Beacon’s solution

Frigitech2Beacon has launched an anti-oil fouling injection to improve air conditioning and refrigeration efficiency

When a person complains of chest pain and goes to a doctor, he first advices various tests to be conducted. The results throw various reasons amongst which cholesterol accumulation, blocking blood flow in arteries and is usually a given for most people above 50 years of age.

Now let us look at an air conditioning unit or a chiller in a cold store or any compressor. The oil in the system starts to coagulate almost within a year of usage.

This coagulation sticks to the walls of the pipe, obstruct movement and the compressor has to work harder to move the oil. This results in the compressor having to work harder.

Sandhya Prakash, founder and managing director of Beacon Energy Solutions and Technology, said, “As per 1998 ASHRAE Handbook, Refrigeration, Chap.2.9, Oil fouling of heat transfer surfaces of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, will cause a loss of about seven per cent efficiency the first year, five per cent the second year and two per cent per year the following years.

“Beacon is proud to associate with Greewave to bring Frigi-tech Refrigeration Injection to the Middle East to help hotels, factories and assist building owners, facility and ac maintenance companies to improve air conditioning and refrigeration efficiency. One ounce of this injection for a one tonne AC unit has been found to remove the oil fouling,” she added.

Under the Beacon MARS process, Beacon Engineers enabled two five-star hotels to reduce 14 per cent and 22 per cent reduction in electricity consumption and a much-improved energy efficiency ratio.

Frigi-Tech Refrigeration Oil has an advanced additive package specifically engineered for the severe service environments of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. By adding only five to ten per cent by volume mixture of Frigi-Tech with the compressor’s refrigeration oil, operating and maintenance cost are reduced.

Depending on the condition of the system, energy cost drop between six per cent and 20 per cent due to reduced compressor friction and improved unit capacity.

Special anti-friction additives improve the compressor’s mechanical efficiency to reduce power consumption. In addition, the supplement contains additives that improve coil heat transfer. This improved thermal efficiency (heat duty) increases the unit’s capacity, thus allowing it to run fewer hours per day for the same amount of cooling.

The reduced wear and tear that accompanies improved system operations extends equipment life and reduces overall maintenance costs.

Using Frigi-Tech Refrigeration Oil Supplement is a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to lower air conditioning and refrigeration systems operation and maintenance cost. It is Frigi-Tech’s technology that makes such cost savings possible.

Beacon EST is the authorised distributor of Frigi-Tech™ in the Middle East. Alan Kuehler, managing director Frigi-Tech™, stated, “A tremendous amount of research was conducted in the United States to develop the additives used in Frigi-Tech™ Refrigeration Oil Supplement.

“Once developed, extensive laboratory testing was performed to fine tune the precise quantities of each additive in order to maximise product performance. Frigi-Tech™ is designed for use in refrigeration, air conditioning, chillers, heat pumps and any hermetic or non-hermetically sealed lubrication systems! Frigi-Tech™ will give new life to bearings, seals, and all compressor parts, increase cooling capacity, quiet compressor noise, and save electricity!”

Speaking on compatibility with various manufacturers equipments, Alan said that Frigi-Tech™ is compatible with new and old refrigerants as we custom blend to meet manufacturer’s specifications. Even proven in Ammonia systems. Further, Keuhler assured that this injection will not void manufacturer’s warranties.

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