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Health, Safety & Security

Patrik Cekada is the head of QHSE at Mazrui Energy Services (MES) Group. (Image source: MES Group)

Patrik Cekada, head of quality, health, safety and environment management (QHSE), Mazrui Energy Services (MES) Group, and Gaurav Khupsare, head of business development, MACS-G Solutions, have discussed the major drivers in adopting technology to manage HSE and the impact of the Aegis 360 solution in supporting this vision

As per the agreement, the hospital is expected to be operational within 70 days. (Image source: ACWA Power)

Energy and desalinated water provider ACWA Power has signed an agreement with THABAT to build an integrated mobile hospital with a 100 bed capacity, fully resourced with the medical equipment and supplies needed to treat COVID-19 cases

Around 40 per cent indicated that they are making fewer purchases than before the outbreak. (Image source: Sumala/Adobe Stock)

More than 81 per cent of Saudi Arabian citizens are confident that Saudi Arabia will recover from the global COVID-19 pandemic more quickly than other countries in the region, according to a research from APCO Worldwide

Mohammad bin Abdullah Abunayyan is the chairman of ACWA Power. (Image source: ACWA Power)

In response to the preventive measures taken by Saudi leadership and official local authorities to contain the COVID-19 impact, ACWA Power has pledged a contribution of around US$13.29mn to support national health endeavours and efforts

To help identify evolving safety measures in specific facility areas, Brady has grouped relevant safety sets into four sets. (Image source: Brady)

Safety and identification specialist Brady Corporation offers signs for download to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus

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