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Health, Safety & Security

John Shier, field chief technology officer, commercial, Sophos. (Image source: Sophos)

Sophos, a global leader in innovating and delivering cybersecurity as a service, today published a new survey report, The State of Cybersecurity 2023: The Business Impact of Adversaries on Defenders, which found that, globally, 93% of organisations find the execution of some essential security operation tasks, such as threat hunting, challenging 

Haytham Yehia, general manager, Shell Middle East. (Image source: Shell Middle East)

Shell has launched its Lube Advisor using wearable technology to customers in the Middle East, enabling them to access Shell’s Advisor services remotely in real time to optimise their lubricants operations. Oil Review Middle East spoke to Haytham Yehia, general manager Shell Middle East, to find out more

Mercedes-Benz became the first manufacturer to introduce the anti-lock braking system (ABS) for trucks. (Image source: Mercedes-Benz)

To avoid accidents, Mercedes-Benz Trucks ? has always researched and developed new and effective, safety, assistance systems, while regularly optimising the existing systems to ensure safety of its customers and other road users

Engineers face the challenge of persuading clients to invest capital in short circuit protection. (Image source: Trident Technology Services)

Protection against short circuit events are of paramount design consideration for engineers and their clients

The implementation of the vaccination campaign comes within ACWA Power?s commitment to preserve the health and safety of its people. (Image source: Adobe stock)

Saudi Ministry of Health, represented by the Dammam Health Network ? in cooperation with the Jazlah Water Desalination Company, has finished vaccinating more than 850 employees working in the Jubail 3A project for seawater desalination

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