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Artec 3D's full-body scanner launched in the UAE

ShapifyBooth-Artec3DArtec 3D has unveiled a high-speed full-body 3D scanner in the UAE, which can be used in industries such as aerospace and manufacturing

The Artec Shapify Booth includes four wide view high-resolution 3D scanners, which rotate around the customer, with a built-in lighting system, a high speed processor and 3D modelling software.

When customers step inside the booth, the scanners rotate around the person to capture them from all angles. These high-precision scanners can capture even the smallest details. Artec?s sophisticated software then automatically stitches together the hundreds of generated images to create a full-body 3D image file, also called a ?shapie?, which is ready for 3D printing.

Artec 3D president and CEO Artyom Yukhin said, ?We are very excited to present our Shapify booth in the UAE. The Shapify booth has been significantly popular in Asia, the USA and Western Europe, and today we are thrilled to be sharing our 3D technologies with consumers in the Middle East.?

Jacky?s Business Solutions is the official partner for Artec 3D in the GCC, and company COO Ashish Panjabi said they have started marketing Artec?s handheld scanners as well. ?We are glad to collaborate with them for the first Shapify Booth in the UAE. As 3D printing and scanner suppliers, we are in a position to give a complete proposition to clients in the region.?