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Flexible electronic and electric device labelling solution from Brady

Brady 26 1Brady Corporation offers durable labelling solutions that supports customers with placing their safety instructions, compliance information and branding directly on their pruducts

Communicate instructions to increase ease of use, safety and compliance of any device on a reliable label that can last the lifetime of many electronic and electric devices.

Great flexibility

More information can be placed on labels for devices thanks to extremely accurate printing that allows more special characters, symbols, signs, logos and letters from every alphabet to remain clearly legible in small fonts. This enables increased flexibility in label content and helps companies to better support customers with safety instructions, compliance information and branding by adding a company logo.

Fully printed, or completed at your location

Labels can be offered fully printed and ready to be applied either manually or with a label feeder and existing pick and place machinery in automated production lines. Labels can also be partially preprinted and completed at device production sites with batch codes, production dates or other information using a Brady printer.

Maximum reliability

Brady labels are reliable and can last the lifetime of many electronic and electric devices, even when exposed to more extreme conditions like heat, cold, moisture, abrasion, oils and lubricants, weathering and chemicals. A wide range of UL recognised, reliable label materials that stay attached to any surface are available. Based on application, Brady can determine which label material will offer the desired reliability for any device.

Get some samples and download the free durable labelling guide!