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Cloud-based 3D printing operating system from 3DPrinterOS

3DPrinterOSUS-based printer manufacturer 3DPrinterOS has launched a cloud-based operating system for 3D printing and design collaboration

The new cloud-based operating system provides plug-and-play 3D printer connectivity to the cloud from any web-enabled device.

John Dogru, CEO of 3DPrinterOS, said, ?Much as the current era of modern computing was revolutionised by the standardisation delivered by Microsoft?s DOS operating system. We are ushering in the next phase of 3D printing with our advanced networked operating system. We have designed the new operating system to deliver a standard interface that puts simple tools in the hands of users at all skill levels. Now anyone with a 3D printer can connect it to our platform so that it can be accessed from any Web-enabled device, anywhere in the world.?

The operating system supports files saved as CAD, STL, AMF, PLY, OBJ, STL, Gcode formats and has been designed to be compatible with any desktop 3D printer.

Anton Vedesin, chief technology officer at 3DPrinterOS, added, ?The user benefits are enormous in terms of agility, speed and cost. While current desktop 3D printing software is slow and cumbersome, our cloud-based solution cuts the time to slice a 3D file from 15 minutes to 15 seconds. We are excited to see how these advancements change the trajectory of mass adoption of 3D printing.?

The new operating system supports nearly all major desktop 3D printers including Makerbot Replicator, Ultimaker and LeapFrog, noted Vedesin.