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First 3D printed house to be ready in Sharjah

3d houseSharjah Research Technology and Innovation (SRIT) Park has collaborated with international 3D printing construction companies to build the first 3D printed house by the Q3 2019

This project stems from the continued cooperation of government, private and the academic world, where CyBe Construction is selected as the technology provider to build the 3D house in SRTI Park.

American University of Sharjah (AUS) will support in research and talent. The university is working on the development of this technology and training students through conducting applied scientific research by students, faculty members and a number of researchers from specialised companies including MEET, which focuses on the constructions of the 3D Printed structures.

With 3D Printing, SRTI Park aims to create a proactive and supportive environment for experiments and research in the field of future building technologies and fourth generation technologies. The technology is considered to be one of the most innovative and reliable ways to build an integrated residential unit through the use of digital machinery.

Hussian Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI, said, ?In order to become a regional development centre for 3D printing construction, we aim to create a suitable research and development environment for the private, academic and public sector.?

?This type of construction has many advantages such as easy access to complex designs and simple modification with access parts of different sizes, which results in a shorter duration of implementation and cost,? Al Mahmoudi concluded.

3D Printing manufacturing

3D printing manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. 3D printed object is created by laying down sequential materials. Dimensions are more advanced and affordable when it comes to facilitating it. They can be used in landscape and texture and its application applies in engineering and construction, design and architecture, aircraft and automotive and medical industries.