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Feasibility studies completed on Iran?s airplane plan

Feasibility studies of Irans national plan to build airplanes with the capacity to carry 150 passengers have been completed, according to an Iranian official

Iranian experts at Tehran?s Amir Kabir University of Technology, Iran University of Science and Technology and Fars Science and Technology Park have been signed up to take part in the project to manufacture the aircrafts, which has entered the designing and manufacturing phase, according to the president of Amir Kabir University, Alireza Rahaei.

Rahaei said that by 2021 the country would require 600 passenger airplanes, of which 270 aircraft should have the capacity for 100 to 150 passengers.

The project kicked off in early 2011, passing different phases, including need analysis, mission analysis and feasibility studies, with the results of the studies now being implemented, the official said.

According to Rahaei, Iranian students have presented more than 220 theses on passenger airplanes at the Aviation Faculty of Amir Kabir University over the past decade.