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ExxonMobil Egypt S.A.E. signs Collaboration and Framework Agreement with Trella, following the 2019 announcement of the former's investment in Trella

AdobeStock 383510393ExxonMobil Egypt collaborates with Trella. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Trella is aiming to disrupt the freight industry in Egypt with innovative solutions and tech-fuelled growth. 

The collaboration arrived in time with ExxonMobil Egypt?s mission to empower new digital solutions and support young and ambitious innovators beyond the energy industry. This initiative allows Trella to bring even greater value to the freight marketplace through enhanced trucking productivity and efficiency, increased work opportunities for truck drivers, and empowering drivers and fleets with the use of Mobil Delvac - ExxonMobil?s heavy-duty diesel engine oils designed to help commercial trucks boost uptime and reduce fuel costs.

?We?re very excited about our collaboration with ExxonMobil Egypt, unlocking new ways to build an ecosystem that supports drivers and surpasses the status-quo of logistics. Throughout this support, we?ll aim at expanding and empowering a network of well-utilised trucks all over Egypt,? said Omar Hagrass, Trella?s CEO. ?Trella?s growth in a short period of time and through challenging circumstances is a signal that the market is ripe for disruption, and we believe Trella is on the right track to revamp the freight industry in Egypt and in the region? added Hagrass. 

This is ExxonMobil?s first direct investment and collaboration with a tech startup in the Middle East and North Africa.