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Power protection specialist, Tripp Lite, has announced the launch of several new products on to the market. These include a new cooling system, console server and new UPS system.

In a recent interview with Technical Review Middle East, Vipin Sharma, Tripp Lite's vice president for sales in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, spoke about the latest additions to the company's range. ?We are releasing our Precision Cooling System,? said Sharma.
?These cooling system are very useful in hotspot areas within the product. The demand for power has more than quadrupled and you can only put so many things on a single electronics board.
?This is a challenge for IT managers today - how to cool a rack effectively - hence this Precision Cooling System.
?We have also launched another key product called Console Server. This is another key product for us in the KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) category. We have also launched a new three phase input, single phase output scaleable UPS which is a 10kVa UPS.
It's an 8,000 watt UPS and you can put it in a 19 inch rack and then upgrade it as your servers and storage grow.
It's compact, it's modular and you can upgrade it from 10 to 40kVa.?
The company has also reported a strong end to 2009, in spite of the enduring tough economic conditions. ?We help our distributors and most of our distributors have maintained the same credit lines as they had before the recession,? said Sharma.
?We were particularly clear that we would not reduce any credit lines with anyone and maintain good relationships with our distributors. A lot of vendors cut off their distributors.
We were smart, we had a very intelligent inventory and we reduced our expenses.
We have still done reasonable business in 2009, not just for this region but overall in the rest of the world. This is because we made the correct decisions at the right time, rather than exposing ourselves to the situation.?
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