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TME highlights its range of plugs and sockets

The IEC 60309 is an international standard for plugs and sockets. (Image source KEL)

Camping EXTREM cables and extension leads with IEC 60309 connectors can now be found at e-commerce company, Transfer Multisort Elektronik 

KEL manufactures the items. PLASTROL, a well-known and dependable producer of industrial connectors and cables, is intimately connected with the name. The devices discussed in this article are primarily intended for use in recreational vehicles and boats; in fact, they are standard equipment in camping trailers, RVs, and other mobile homes. All of the goods are accessible from TME stock.

The IEC 60309 is a universally recognised international standard that defines a standard format of plugs and sockets for use around the world, unaffected by local power socket standards. The high current male or female proprietary connector of KEL extension leads complies with this standard, typically with CEE 7/5 sockets or a single power plug (CEE 7/7).

Such plugs can be used in various locations, including mainland Europe, UK camping sites, African and Middle Eastern harbours.

The cable is equipped with three conductors, one of which is a protective conductor, and has a core cross-section of 2.5 mm square. It can supply up to 16 A at 230 V AC, approximately 3680 W total power. Two insulation options are available: black cables made of rubber and blue ones made of polyurethane (PUR).

The H05RR-F rated rubber cable can be 1.5 m to 20 m long, whereas the H07BQ-F rated PUR cable has lengths within the same range. All extension leads come with CEE sockets that have a removable cover flap ensuring a high-quality connection, and the range is IP44-rated.