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New international exhibition programme for Riyadh

A new programme of international trade exhibitions reflecting the modern needs of Saudi Arabias dynamic economy, and tailored to meet the needs of the Kingdom?s aggressive growth plans, has been announced for 2011.

Set to take place at the newly opened Riyadh International Exhibition Centre, the exhibition themes cover: building design and interiors; security, fire protection and safety; mining and infrastructure; machinery and industry technology; food, hotel equipment and hospitality; and information and communications technology.
Riyadh?s new ?state of the art? exhibition centre, constructed and operated by the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, puts a firm focus on exhibitions as a means of introducing and transferring technology into the market.
The exhibition schedule is set against a background of spending plans of US$150 billion this year, the largest budget in the country?s history, and a US$400 billion five year investment programme designed to stimulate and broaden the economy and to support sustainable private sector expansion.
Saudi Arabia is the biggest single economy in the Middle East and provides a ready market for the world's technology export countries looking to support the Kingdom?s economic development plans aimed at stimulating growth and modernisation across a wide range of
industry sectors.
The exhibitions, which will bring suppliers of products, equipment, technology and expertise from around the world to interface with those implementing the Kingdom?s public and private sector plans, include:
.    Building, Design and Interiors Arabia - 20/23 February 2011.
.    Security, Fire Protection and Safety Arabia - 20/23 February 2011.
.    Machinery and Industry Technology Arabia - 12/15 June 2011.
.    Mining and Infrastructure Arabia ? 12/15 June 2011
.    Food, Hotel and Hospitality Arabia ? 19/22 June 2011.
.    ICT Arabia (incorporating Consumer Electronics) ? 14/17 November 2011.

Saudi Arabian state spending doubled in the last decade, and it is predicted that it will double again in the next 10 years as the government acts to support the economy and provide the job opportunities, infrastructure and quality lifestyle for a population currently growing at 2.5 per cent a year, and expected to number close to 32mn by 2020.
The State has traditionally been seen to rely on revenue from the export of oil, and this will play a crucial role in funding the current ambitious investment programme.