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New programme to help engineering graduates

David Reumuth, senior director, Customer Support and Training, AspenTech. (Image source: AspenTech)

Aspen Technology, Inc. has unveiled a programme for businesses in asset-intensive industries that are hiring fresh engineering graduates

New process engineers, control engineers, reliability engineers, supply chain planners, cost estimators, and others will be able to develop industry-specific abilities in each of these professions thanks to the complete programme.

As senior engineers in certain fields retire and a new generation of workers join the workforce, AspenTech specifically designed the programme to aid industrial enterprises in navigating significant gaps in industry domain knowledge. For instance, a recent survey by the Centre for Energy Workforce Development titled Gaps in the Energy Workforce found that there is a noticeable increase in the proportion of younger people (those under 32) working in the energy sector, including 43% of technicians and 25% of engineers.

With the goal of providing integrated process, refining, and chemicals domain practice for a comprehensive, real-world learning experience, the curriculum was developed in collaboration with top domain experts, including Becht, a 60-year-old engineering services company serving the energy, chemicals, power, and alternative energy industries. The course has already been completed by more than 1000 users from more than 150 different firms worldwide. 

The initial curriculum is offered in both virtual and physical classroom environments, and all courses are taught by subject-matter specialists with years of real-world experience. 

Participants get the process-specific information necessary for their responsibilities and have the chance to speak with business professionals about the difficulties particular to their processes. According to a poll by AspenTech, 96% of new workforce participants believe the training made them more equipped to perform their tasks, and 99% of those who said this sort of training should be compulsory when entering the process industries.

“To keep up with a dramatically shifting workforce and the related market demands, it is crucial that companies build and retain organisational competency,” said David Reumuth, senior director, Customer Support and Training, AspenTech. “Last fall, AspenTech introduced a sustainability-specific training programme. This is now complemented with a broader curriculum that prepares new engineers to more quickly develop industry-specific competencies required to succeed in the process industries. This programme helps companies achieve operational excellence and positions their new-generation workforce to address their operational business challenges.”