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Omnix, an end-to-end digital solutions and services pioneer, has announced that is organising a multi-city summit, which will focus on the enhancement of the Digital Maturity Index (DMI) in the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry

Simran Bagga OmnixSimran Bagga, vice-president of Omnix Engineering and Foundation Technologies. (Image source: Omnix Engineering)

The Omnix Digital Summit 2023 will present the latest research, trends and best practices relating to the AEC industry’s DMI and will generate though-provoking conversations and fresh approaches to tackle challenging issues.

The first leg of the Omnix Digital Summit is scheduled to take place in the UAE on 18 January 2023 at The H Hotel Dubai, while the Saudi Arabia event will take place on 6 February 2023 at the Hilton Garden Inn & Double Tree By Hilton Financial District in Riyadh and is open to industry professionals. The UAE event is proudly supported by PNY and NVIDIA, IMSCAD, SAFEUEM and BLUEBEAM, while the Saudi event is being organised with the support of PNY and NVIDIA, IMSCAD and SAFEUEM.

Industry 4.0 digital transformation is beginning to pervade the built environment in the region, and can offer significant benefits when implemented and used correctly. Integrating new technologies and processes is a big step for most companies, which is why some organisations are more open and prepared for the transformation than others. This is why Digital Maturity Index (DMI) is crucial – it is a standardised method of measuring a company’s readiness to take on digital transformation.

“Many AEC companies within the region have embraced digital transformation in recent years, driven by the need to deliver complex projects on time and budget, while complying with ever stricter government regulations and maintaining margins despite challenging market dynamics. 

However, there are many firms that have yet to kick off their digital transformation journeys or are at a nascent stage and may even be facing significant challenges. This is where DMI can make a difference as a company’s digital maturity score can highlight existing strengths they can leverage and which weaknesses they must overcome in order to take full advantage of Industry 4.0 digital transformation,” said Simran Bagga, vice-president of Omnix Engineering and Foundation Technologies.

“A full understanding of the digital maturity framework can help AEC companies plan their digital transformation journeys in a more organised and efficient way. Through the Omnix Digital Summit 2023 in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Omnix Engineering will raise awareness about enhancing the DMI in the AEC industry,” added Bagga.

The multi-city event expects to attract BIM Managers, project managers, IT directors, CIOs, and C-Level executives from the AEC industry, Oil & Gas, manufacturing, and many other sectors.