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Panasonic announces FY22 business strategy for Middle East and Africa

Panasonic plans to introduce a lineup of 64 new products to support this mission in 2022. (Image source: Panasonic)

Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa (PMMAF) restated its commitment to MEA market expansion and consumer well-being at its regional convention held in Dubai, that unveiled the brand?s new global motto -Live Your Best

The new slogan embodies Panasonic?s commitment to providing solutions that make life simpler, safer, healthier, and more enjoyable for the customers, helping them to live their best.

The brand will focus on expanding its regional market share to cater to the evolving customer demands with solutions that make homes, public premises, and businesses a healthy and convenient ecosystem. The convention attended by more than 190 business associates from over 24 countries,as well as media, laid down the brand?s plans for the new financial year and shared the business highlights of the year 2021. 

Aligned with the brand?s new commitment, the event was themed 'Wellbeing for Life' focused on bringing a sense of balance and wellbeing to everyone?s lives by bestowing enhanced health and hygiene. Panasonic plans to introduce a lineup of 64 new products to support this mission in 2022.

Some of the new unique products with superior technologies and Japanese excellence were spotlighted at the event. Key highlights among many were, the Nanoe-X Air conditioners which can inhibit pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses) and allergens. The ACs will not only cool and heat the surroundings but also clean the indoor air, offering 24-hour protection to keep living spaces fresh and clean, so consumers can benefit from a healthier life.

Another innovative clean air solution is ziainoTM that uses high degree of sterilising and deodorising power of sodium hypochlorite to effectively sanitise the environment. Ideal for the hygiene of different venues, including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, elderly hostels, schools, offices, pet shops, fitness centres and shopping malls.

Hiroyuki Shibutani, managing director, PMMAF, said, ?At Panasonic, we are determined to make contributions to improving everyday life with solutions that make life simpler and more convenient with products that cater to a changing society. With more and more people giving importance to health, hygiene and wellbeing, as we come out of the pandemic, we are committed to becoming a brand that provides the solutions that satisfy this demand. We aim to transform into a brand that stays close to its customers and is supported by society through taking action against the issues they face both today and in the future.?

?One of the ways we are doing this is by conveying our purpose of "achieving an ideal society with affluence both in matter and mind," which was set forth by our founder Konosuke Matsushita. Hence, we have adopted 'Live Your Best', as our brand slogan which expresses this exact purpose,? he added. 

Shibutani also reiterated the brand?s commitment to the region and commented, ?Over the years, the Middle East region has witnessed sustained growth across industries. Riding along with this dynamically growing market we aim to align our strategies and offer the widest product portfolio in both consumer and business segments to cater to regional demands. To rejuvenate our brand, we will launch focused marketing campaigns.?