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W?rtsil? to showcase Power-to-X technology at World Expo, Dubai

This?Power-to-X (P2X) demonstration unit will be in use in the Finnish Pavillion at the Dubai World Expo.?(Image source: W?rtsil??Corporation)

The technology group W?rtsil?, in cooperation with Soletair Power and Q Power, will showcase its Power-to-X (P2X) competence in the Finnish Pavilion at the upcoming World Expo in Dubai

The demonstration unit will create synthetic fuel from CO2 extracted from the indoor air, thereby providing clear awareness of W?rtsil??s commitment to delivering sustainable products and solutions to its marine and energy sector customers. The World Expo runs from October 2021 until the end of March 2022. 

The innovative P2X technology can be seen as an important steppingstone along the path towards carbon-neutral fuels and the decarbonisation of various industries. The W?rtsil? demo unit will be capturing CO2 from the air inside the Finnish pavilion and combining it with hydrogen split from water by electrolysis. Capturing CO2 from in-house air also improves the quality of the air. A biosynthesis process then converts it into carbon-neutral synthetic methane fuel, which for demonstration purposes will be used to provide clean power to make coffee for visitors to the pavilion. 

?Imagine a world where your breath turns into carbon-neutral fuel; participating in the World Expo, W?rtsil? invites individuals and companies to imagine the change needed for our world to be more sustainable. And with the P2X demonstration, we can show that even the most ambitious ideas can be turned into real innovations. W?rtsil? has taken a leadership position in utilising smart technologies to create a more sustainable future, both for the industries we serve and for the world in general, said Atte Palom?ki, executive vice-president for communications, branding and marketing at W?rtsil? Corporation

?Innovation is at the core of our heritage. But true impact requires intense collaboration with expert partners. Our P2X demonstration has been made possible through working closely with Soletair Power and Q Power, companies with specialised expertise in this field. We intend to show that a decarbonised future is achievable through taking advantage of innovative technologies that exist already today,? said Matti Rautkivi, director of New Business at W?rtsil? Energy.

?This demonstration will give a real-life example of how it is possible to produce clean future fuels that will change forever the way by which machinery is operated,? said Petri Laakso, CEO at Soletair Power.