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Group AMANA launches environmental management consultancy firm

Mustadam manages a gross floor area of around eight million sqm in new developments. (Image source: Mustadam)

 Group AMANA has introduced its environmental management consultancy firm Mustadam as its sustainability vertical

The company offers offers a wide range of services including green building certifications, energy management and building commissioning, environmental management consultancy, climate change and corporate sustainability, design optimisation and building energy simulation modelling as well as waste management consultancy. It is a specialised sustainability engineering consultancy arm of Group AMANA.

According to a press statement, Mustadam manages a gross floor area of around eight million sqm in new developments. The statement added that Mustadam "has positioned itself as one of the key players in the combat against climate change and is poised to play a pivotal role in decoupling economic growth from associated greenhouse gas emissions."

Riad Bsaibes, president and CEO of AMANA Investments stated, “Over the past three decades of regional operations, Group AMANA has established itself as a trusted partner in sustainable construction and green building solutions. Our commitment extends beyond constructing green buildings; it includes a multifaceted value-engineering approach that enhances project efficiency throughout its lifecycle, ensuring reliability, on-time delivery, and cost-effective solutions. Recognising the demand for sustainability-driven design-build capabilities, we are confident that Mustadam can fulfil that gap and further strengthen our sustainability and ESG capabilities.”

William Bsaibes, managing director of Mustadam, said, "The strengthening of MUSTADAM's position under the Enhance vertical of Group AMANA marks a significant milestone. We adopt a holistic approach towards identifying and capitalising on energy-saving opportunities for our clients and hope to bring a forward-thinking perspective to the company’s sustainability projects, ensuring we continue to drive positive change in the industry and beyond.”