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Standard on the S630/S650 are Versatile Duty Tyres, featuring a bi-directional design suitable for various mixed surfaces, which significantly extends tyre life and reduces costs. (Image source: Bobcat)

Bobcat has unveiled the latest Stage V iterations of its M-Series S630 and S650 Skid-Steer Loaders, tailored for the more stringent European markets

The launch expands the available options for customers in this segment, offering the new M-Series S630/S650 alongside the advanced R-Series S66/S76 models, reinforcing Bobcat’s dominant position in Europe’s skid-steer loader market of this size.

The newly introduced S630 model is adept at navigating confined spaces while providing the necessary reach and visibility for tasks like transferring materials over barriers, backfilling, or loading onto flatbed trucks. It boasts a rated operating capacity of 1012 kg and a tipping load of 2023 kg. The S650, with its vertical lift path design, is ideal for lifting, carrying, and handling materials, with a rated operating capacity of 1227 kg and a tipping load of 2455 kg. Both variants maintain their versatility, being compatible with an extensive array of Bobcat attachments.

Superior performance

Both the S630 and S650 models deliver exceptional performance in compliance with the stringent Stage V emission standards, thanks to the reliable Bobcat D24 engine equipped with a Bosch Fuel Injection System. Positioned transversally, the engine allows these models to retain their compact dimensions, enabling operation and maneuverability in confined spaces.

Innovations in engine technology have led to reduced fuel consumption without compromising on performance. Additionally, the initial engine oil service interval has been extended to 500 hours, and advancements in fuel filtration contribute to less frequent filter changes. Standard on the S630/S650 are Versatile Duty Tyres, featuring a bi-directional design suitable for various mixed surfaces, which significantly extends tyre life and reduces costs.

Operator comfort features

Bobcat has incorporated several sought-after comfort features in the S630/S650 models:

* Heat or Air Conditioning (HVAC) – ensures operator comfort throughout the year, regardless of location.
* Cloth Suspension Seat – enhances comfort for the operator in all seasons.
* Auto Ride Control (optional) – augments operator comfort and machine stability.

The base models of the S630/S650 come with a new Deluxe control panel that supports a wide range of European languages. Each machine is also fitted with Bobcat Telematics solutions.

The Deluxe panel minimizes the potential for misuse with its keyless start feature. Additionally, options like High Flow or 2-Speed can be password-protected and locked if needed.

The new after-treatment technology (DPF) operates autonomously during regular use. Should the need arise, operators can easily manage this technology via the Deluxe panel menu, allowing for monitoring of both the machine and the exhaust after-treatment system. The newly introduced automatic multi-step engine low-idle sequence enhances engine performance in cold conditions.

For machines equipped with Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC), the auto-idle function reduces engine speed to low idle when the joysticks are in a neutral position and unused for approximately five seconds. This feature contributes to quieter operation and lower fuel consumption.

In addition to the Deluxe Panel, Bobcat Telematics, and Versatile Duty Tyres, the standard equipment for the S630/S650 includes Hand and Foot Controls, a Deluxe Cab with Side Windows, and a Suspension Seat. Optional features available are a Cloth Suspension Seat; Selectable Joystick Controls; a Deluxe Cab with Heating or HVAC; Heavy Duty Offset and Severe Duty Tyres; High Flow with Attachment Control; 2-Speed and Power Bob-tach.

The Standard Warranty period has been extended to two years (2000 hours), with Protection Plus offering coverage for up to five years.

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