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Reasons to discover the all-new MB drum cutters

The hydraulic drum cutter is designed to bolster and ?millimetrically? manage excavation, demolition and profiling jobs. (Image source: MB Crusher)

With 20 years? experience in building innovative crusher buckets and screening buckets, Italian manufacturer MB Crusher has created a new concept of hydraulic drum cutter

When it comes to drum cutters, their strengths and weaknesses would seem obvious. However, there are constant innovations for these types of machinery, which are essential in sectors that deal with digging, cutting, profiling, or reducing hard materials with ?millimetric? precision.

Equipment built to be used on difficult construction sites or designed to operate in city centres, often on historic buildings, on bridges and performing excavation and demolition work where the hydraulic breaker can create excessive vibrations and every inch makes a big difference, both in terms of space and profitability.

?Precision and timing are the two key factors in our line of work,? as industry experts explain, ?and few people realise the accuracy that is asked of us, and stringent constraints on space, regulations and machinery to which we must submit.?

To get an idea of the delicate situations in which a precision drum cutter machine is required to operate, think of the demolition of buildings in high population areas that require the carving of foundation and concrete pillars, where spaces for green areas or new constructions can be recovered. Or the lowering and levelling of roads and bridges, where the surfaces being treated are asphalt and concrete, or profiling work in confined spaces for the creation of city ducts.

In the agricultural sector, precision drum cutters are also indispensable for clearing and dredging land, creating irrigation systems, levelling river beds, digging tunnels and milling wood, as well as profiling rock walls in quarries and mines, where they can also be used in underwater immersion situations.

Diego Azzolin, MB Crusher?s production manager, said, ?In our company?s DNA, there is a determination to improve the machinery to optimise work operations in building sites. This is our mission and our working philosophy: we do not put anything out on the market until we have found the most useful and profitable solutions for operators.?

?In addition to existing patents on MB equipment, we have recently dedicated ourselves to drum cutter machinery, designing a highly evolved and innovative new product: the line of MB Crusher drum cutters are in fact the only ones on the world market utilising a direct drive twin motor system. This direct transmission dual motor system is protected by our unique patent, allowing for a differentiated distribution of force on the two drums. This provides an enormous advantage since the power force is managed autonomously by the drum cutter according to the toughness and resistance of the material,? he added.

MB R900 Hyundai HX300NL Poland quarry limestone 1.640x400Moreover, customers can opt for a variety of drum and tooth kits according to the type of material being processed. This new generation of standard drum cutters also adopts an integrated power boost to augment the power of the cutter head, which requires more force and obtains exceptional results.

?Among the major issues we encounter on work sites,? said construction industry operators, ?are torsions and vibrations on the operating machine arm, with consequent enormous costs due to wear. Not to mention noise and dust restrictions that protect city centres and highly populated areas.?

MB Crusher has taken care of this problem too. ?Our unique automated control results in a no torsion system: structural stress on the excavator's arm is absorbed and drastically reduced, to increase precision and durability while benefiting cost savings and maintenance times,? according to the manufacturer.

Specifically for construction sites in urban centres, the company has also designed the dust suppression kit and drum cover kit, to reduce dust emissions and allow work to be carried out in closed environments and areas with high vibration restrictions, such as in historical centres and highly populated areas.

?Yet another extraordinary innovation,? continued Azzolin, ?was introduced to help construction site managers deal with delivery time constraints: our drum cutter heads are designed to be easily replaced on site, in less than an hour. Unthinkable until now. Indeed, this procedure required extended downtime to take the cutter to an authorised workshop. Being able to change the drum in just under an hour gives the construction site a strong competitive advantage.?

To protect the machine?s central casing, specially designed wear plates have been applied, as well as a protective high-temperature reduction kit designed to lower the operated machinery's oil temperature without altering its performance.

?Handy and easy to use,? summarised Azzolin, ?the all-new MB Crusher hydraulic cutters make work at construction sites more profitable, where precision cutting, maintaining depth, reducing waste and compliance with regulations are daily priorities. Like gigantic ?scalpels? that provide precision manoeuvring where every centimetre has a productive value and cost.?

The cutter rotation kit is designed specifically for road work and trench digging, allowing the machine operator to rotate the cutter directly from the cab without stopping the excavation work: an extremely beneficial operation in terms of time and effectiveness. What's more, the cutting depth adjustment kit allows operators to set the trench depth, to remove only the necessary amount of material and nothing more, providing a significant reduction in waste disposal costs.

Thanks to their high degree of precision, power and adaptability, the new MB hydraulic cutters for excavators, loaders, and backhoe loaders are the most innovative and determined response to excavation, demolition and profiling work, especially in urban sites, virtually eliminating the constraints and costs of downtime, waste management, maintenance and wear.