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RMDK to launch new R800 heavy-duty panel girdar system

Allowing for the construction of clear spanning and bridging structures, the R800 enables long lattice girders to be assembled quickly and safely. (Image source: RMD Kwikform)

RMD Kwikform (RMDK), a global leader in formwork, shoring and groundworks solutions, has announced the launch of its next-generation, heavy-duty R800 modular panel girder system ? the only CE marked girder system available on the market

Allowing for the construction of clear spanning and bridging structures, the R800 enables long lattice girders to be assembled quickly and safely. It is ideally suited to meet the most demanding requirements for simply supported, continuous/multi-span, cantilever or launched falsework, and vehicle, pedestrian, and service bridging. The system can also be used for structures in the media and events industry and in tieless formwork.

Versatility is a key feature of R800 and enables it to tackle challenging terrain and build geometries with ease. For instance, the R800 trapezoidal end panel enables support from the top chord, which reduces the required headroom and minimises clashes with battered abutments, while at the same time maximising opportunities for structural support using permanent works foundations. Uniquely, the trapezoidal panel can also be used inverted, affording the same geometry advantages for the support of spans supported by v-shaped piers, and arches.  

Further flexibility is provided by the inclusion of 4.5m, 2.25m and 1.25m long ?quarter length? girder panels, together with tapered end posts. When coupled with slidable bearings, these provide continuous and infinitely adjustable span length adjustment, enabling a better fit with permanent works piers and foundations, as well as facilitating the support of skewed spans with standard equipment. 

Even more advantages result from the R800?s compatibility with the RMDK 80kN rapidshor falsework system, with screw jacks mating directly with the top chord of the R800 girder at the girder node points. Structurally this loads the R800 girders optimally, meaning fewer girders are required per scheme, but also enables pre-camber, longitudinal falls, and super-elevation to be handled without the need for full-on falsework above the girders, further reducing required headroom. Inclusion of the high shear girder at the ends of the falsework span can further reduce the numbers of girders required on site. The new panel girder system can also be used in conjunction with RMDK?s leading megashor and superslim products, for a truly versatile solution.

The result of this is a heavy-duty solution that saves contractors time and money, while improving their sustainability credentials too. The versatility of the R800 range, combined with its industry leading strength-to-weight ratio minimises the amount of equipment required and therefore time to erect, which in turn reduces labour, plant, and transport costs, lowering overall carbon footprint.

Ian Fryer, director, divisional product innovation at RMDK, said, ?We?re thrilled to be bringing the new R800 system to market, it truly heralds the arrival of the next generation of spanning girder equipment. I?m proud of the strength, versatility, and fatigue credentials that the product development team have been able to incorporate into this system and the RMDK application engineers are looking forward to working with our customers to solve some hitherto very demanding structural and geometric challenges. We believe this system addresses a real gap in the market.

?Furthermore, R800 is the only CE marked girder system on the market. While not all projects will need a CE marked solution, meeting this standard demonstrates a commitment to the highest levels of quality assurance, so contractors can be confident they?re selecting a system that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements. With R800, decision-makers can be assured of a modular panel girder solution that cuts costs, speeds up construction cycles, is easy to assemble and transport, and can meet all the demands placed on it.?

For those keen to understand the capabilities of the R800 in greater detail, RDMK has developed 3D visualisations of the new system. Users can configure and interrogate the product by logging in to the LocusHub platform, which contains technical data, animations, and other helpful information for all products.