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S.L Machinery double layer EPS wall panels plant makes for an ideal choice

S.L Machinery?s horizontal double layer wall panel production line adopts the method of injecting slurry material into the wall panel moulding machine

The benefit of this method is that when slurry enters into the wall panel moulding machine under pressure, it is uniformly distributed in the moulding machine, running in the direction of the slurry as a parabolic line that can ensure strength and density of the finished wall panel. It also acts as the adhesion for core material, thus making the wall panels strong.

Other manufacturers adopt vertical slurry injecting method, whereby the slurry is injected into moulding machines by gravity, which causes expanded polystyrene (EPS) and cement segregation that leads to wall panel?s reduced strength.

Typically, one can see this when the finished wall panel is cut and a lot of empty spaces are visible. Usually the half top is light and the lower half part is heavy.

S.L Machinery?s double horizontal wall panel moulding machine not only uses the grid plate but also the acid steel separator with high hardness, fine processing, high acid sealing effect. This way it can be guaranteed the vacuum environment inside the wall panel moulding machine is conducive to protecting the slurry in sufficient pressure uniformly distributed in the machine.

The moulding machine is divided into upper and lower layers, which improves the output of a single piece of equipment. It uses the cylinder to loosen and squeeze which not only improves the working efficiency but also shortens the time of disassembly and assembly of traditional vertical wallboard machine.

The mould time is reduced by 30 per cent. When the mould is released, the separator is evenly separated by a certain gap so that the product can be taken out from the moulding machine at one time. Products of any length (from 2,270-3,000mm) can be produced by mould adjusters.

The mould is provided with a number of vent holes, which are evenly distributed to ensure the complete discharge of the air in the mould cavity without causing the product to be empty.

S.L Machinery?s double layer horizontal moulding machine moulds finely processed and reasonable design. It can make male and female grooves according to the customer?s requirement without any leak as well produce different lengths of wall panel in the case it cannot modify mould length, which no other vertical type moulding machine can do.

S.L Machinery?s mixer is double shaft synchronous, unlike other manufacturers who make single shaft, and the rotation direction is opposite that makes mixing fast, even and highly efficient.