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Volvo CE highlights its sustainable products

In a groundbreaking development, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has achieved a remarkable reduction in CO2 emissions at its fossil-free worksite in Sweden. This achievement underscores Volvo CE's commitment to sustainability and marks a significant milestone in the global efforts to combat climate change

Located in Eskilstuna, Sweden, Volvo CE's fossil-free worksite serves as a pioneering example of innovative environmental practices in the construction industry. Through the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies and renewable energy sources, Volvo CE has successfully eliminated the use of fossil fuels at this site, resulting in a substantial decrease in CO2 emissions.

Practical examples to aid sales

One of the key strategies employed by Volvo CE to achieve this milestone is the electrification of its machinery and equipment. By transitioning to electric-powered vehicles and machinery, Volvo CE has significantly reduced the carbon footprint associated with its operations. This shift towards electrification aligns with Volvo CE's broader ambition to transition to a fully electric product range in the near future, further contributing to the decarbonisation of the construction sector.

Furthermore, Volvo CE has implemented efficient energy management systems and renewable energy solutions at the worksite. Solar panels and wind turbines are utilized to generate clean and renewable energy, powering the operations while minimising environmental impact. This holistic approach towards sustainability demonstrates Volvo CE's dedication to responsible environmental stewardship and sets a precedent for sustainable practices within the construction industry.

The success of Volvo CE's fossil-free worksite in Sweden serves as an inspiration for businesses worldwide to embrace sustainable solutions and reduce their carbon footprint. By prioritising environmental sustainability and investing in innovative technologies, companies can play a crucial role in addressing the global climate crisis.

As the world continues to confront the challenges of climate change, initiatives like Volvo CE's fossil-free worksite exemplify the transformative potential of sustainable practices. By working together towards a greener future, we can build a more resilient and environmentally conscious society for generations to come.

Tora Leifland, head of Public Affairs at Volvo CE, said, “What we are doing at Slakthusområdet shows that sustainable construction sites are not just for the future, they’re already here - electrified, more efficient and with an improved working environment. At Volvo CE, we want to encourage more cities to follow Stockholm’s example and include emission-free requirements in their contracts. Procurement is the key to transition – make demands and the solutions will be found. This is how we will accelerate the development to a sustainable future.”