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WakeCap highlights importance of collaboration in construction technology

WakeCap’s CEO, Dr. Hassan Albalawi, during the 7th edition of CTF. (Image source: WakeCap)

“Collaboration holds the key to unlocking the potential of construction technology,” said WakeCap’s CEO, Dr. Hassan Albalawi, during the 7th edition of Construction Technology ConFex (CTF). “We already know the power of data to improve business operations, whether in safety, productivity, or other areas. But the moment you combine data from multiple sources, it becomes so much more powerful.”

Held at the Ritz-Carlton JBR on June 3-4, more than 1,000 project owners, developers, contractors, consultants and technology companies attended the two-day event that brought together industry leaders, experts and decision-makers to share insights on how the latest approaches to work can be harnessed to improve the industry.

CTF provides a critical platform for industry leaders and innovators to exchange ideas, connect, and learn from each other. Dr. Albalawi spoke at Unlocking the Future of Construction Safety Through Technology, a key panel during the event. Four key themes underpinned the event attended by the region’s leading project owners: Climate and Decarbonisation, Wellbeing and Social Agenda, Viability and Competitive Edge, and Productivity and Performance.

“Technology presents countless opportunities for construction companies to succeed in overcoming challenges, such as delays, safety concerns or budget overruns, exactly what we offer at WakeCap. The future of construction is more exciting than ever and we’re excited to be driving the conversation forwards,” added WakeCap’s Head of Product Management, Salpie Kechichian, a nominee for CTF’s Women in ConTech Award, which recognises the achievements of women leaders in construction.

Dr. Albalawi was one of over 180 industry experts in attendance at CTF, and spoke about specific challenges and opportunities surrounding construction technology and its implications for safety.

“Construction technology is driving swift change in our industry. Data has traditionally been collected for compliance purposes, but technologies such as WakeCap’s smart hard-hat solution demonstrate how safety processes can be improved on large-scale construction projects. It is critical to not only have that technology in place but to leverage it to its full potential,” said Dr. Albalawi.

The panel covered several key topics and trends, from the swift adoption of safety technology in Saudi Arabia, whose construction sector is booming, to the challenges of deploying new technology and how these can be better understood and mitigated.

“At WakeCap, we increasingly see an emerging demand in construction technology for collaboration between solutions providers, with owners wanting one provider to implement, deploy and manage the technology on sites. Integrating multiple solutions and offering site owners and developers a more streamlined solution is key to improving safety, productivity and operational efficiency,” he added.