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WakeCap's new management tool for construction sites

VerifyTime is built on WakeCap's sensor technology hardware and data analytics software. (Image source: WakeCap)

WakeCap, which provides smart solutions for construction sector, has launched a cloud-based workforce management solution, VerifyTime, that will automate, verify and streamline manual timekeeping processes on construction sites

VerifyTime is built on WakeCap's sensor technology hardware and data analytics software and is used on computers, tablets and smartphones.

It collects data via a knob attached to standard worker safety helmets. An easy-to-install network connects the site to WakeCap’s secure cloud network. VerifyTime delivers ‘at-your fingertips’ data in an easy-to-understand visual dashboard format to site owners and payroll managers, it stated.

VerifyTime replaces conventional timekeeping, bringing a new level of transparency, said a top official.

"At WakeCap, we believe transparency is key to improving efficiency in construction. With VerifyTime, we're addressing two challenges - finishing projects on time and within budget. Delays result in penalties, and VerifyTime can help mitigate that risk," said its CEO and co-founder Hassan Albalawi.

Some of its key features include time tracking, automated timesheets, attendance & timekeeping, payroll integration, compliance and reporting, and trend analysis.

These help to identify undelivered work hours, allowing managers to take corrective measures. The technology generates reports to understand the reasons for lost hours, such as delays due to broken machinery, supporting more effective decision-making.

"One WakeCap client reported that since implementing VerifyTime, they reduced undelivered hours by 65% while attendance improved by 37%," stated Albalawi.

WakeCap is a deep-tech company rooted in AI and IoT. Founded in 2017, with offices in Riyadh, Dubai, and San Francisco, WakeCap’s technology enables real-time monitoring and data collection on complex construction sites to identify bottlenecks and make informed decisions that enhance overall efficiency.

"VerifyTime enables better operational efficiency with a real-time data dashboard that supports fair and precise compensation for all employees," noted Salpie Kechichian, Head of Product Management, WakeCap.

"It sets a standard for timekeeping and its potential for saving costs is enormous – as some of our clients are already discovering for themselves," he added.