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25th edition of the Gulf Engineering Forum to be held in February

The forum aims to foster knowledge exchange among engineering experts. (Image source: Adobe Stock))

The Gulf Engineering Forum (GEF) will return to Dubai at the Al Ras Ballroom, InterContinental Dubai Festival City on 7-8 February this year

The forum, under the theme "Smart Engineering for a Sustainable Future", will bring together decision-makers, academics, researchers, and engineering experts from both local and regional levels to explore and discuss the latest advancements in engineering, with a focus on sustainability and smart technologies.

Organised by the Society of Engineers in the UAE in collaboration with the Gulf Engineering Union, the two-day event will centre its discussions around four main themes: Infrastructure and Building Systems, Robotics and Smart Systems, Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, and Cybersecurity in Engineering Systems.

The forum aims to foster knowledge exchange among engineering experts, emphasising environmental sustainability awareness. Additionally, the forum facilitates crucial connections by providing a meeting ground for companies, organisations, and engineering institutions at both local and regional levels.

Day one of the event will witness keynote addresses from  Eng. Mohamed Ali Alkhozaae, Secretary General of the Gulf Engineering Union, and Eng. Mustafa B. Shehu, President, World Federation of Engineering Organisations.

The day's proceedings will feature enlightening panel discussions on "Building the Future - Shaping the Sustainability of Smart Cities" and "Employing Smart Systems and Robots in Construction."

Participants will have the opportunity to partake in an official Gala Dinner, providing a conducive environment for networking and fostering valuable connections within the industry. Moving to the second day on 8 February , the forum will delve into the critical realm of cybersecurity with a keynote on "Cybersecurity in Engineering Systems" and a panel discussion titled "Securing the Future - Cyber Resilience in Engineering Systems."

It will also address the indispensable role of content creators in promoting cybersecurity awareness through social media channels. The programme will also encompass a panel discussion on “Technology Applications in Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Technologies,” exploring the applications of technology in healthcare and delving into the ethical considerations surrounding advanced medical technologies.

The forum will showcase a diverse array of research papers, success stories, and culminate with a panel discussion on "Technology Applications in Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges."

The target audience for the 25th edition of Gulf Engineering Forum includes government and semi-government sectors, non-governmental and environmental organisations, agricultural industries, Artificial Intelligence, and technology sectors, engineers, scientific research institutes, universities, local and international policymakers, water purification companies, energy-saving technology companies, consulting and engineering services firms, contractors, oil and gas companies, and medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Apart from the discussion and networking, there will be an accompanying exhibition for public and private institutions and companies to showcase their projects, research, services, and products. This platform will also facilitate the signing of Memorandums of Understanding and bilateral meetings with participating delegations.