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A greener future for the region

Chief executive officer of Genesis Manazil, Maged Mostafa, says the company?s light-steel, off-site construction system is more in demand than ever before, as the Middle East moves towards more modern methods of construction and ?greener? buildings. Manazil Steel Framing, the Genesis licensee, and business regional headquarters was established in 2007.

Genesis Manazil has turned into a fully operational JV and Technology Excellence Centre serving the region. Today the company has 35 employees, which is three times the number at the start of 2010, and this is expected to grow to over 50 before the end of the year.

?In addition to our strong presence in the UAE, we currently export and have lightsteel construction activities in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia. We are also looking into modular solutions for applications such as temporary hi-end offices and labour residences. We are also currently negotiating with prospective partners to expand into Syria, Egypt and Morocco,? Mostafa said.

?We simply have the fastest, ?greenest? and most cost-effective structural solution on the market available to low-rise buildings (up to eight-stories). We build a frame of a building the same way a car is manufactured ? that is, by using proprietary CAD/CAM systems in an ultra-modern factory located in Abu Dhabi. Our unique approach to manufacturing sees that the structure is built as panels and trusses off-site, which means a zero-waste in materials and an overall increased construction speed. As much as 80 per cent of the activity is done in an indoor, controlled environment, which means the structure is built with optimum precision and quality thanks to our fully-computerized operation. This system guarantees to deliver our residential and commercial buildings to customers at a much lower price and higher speed.?