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Causeway, a leader in construction software, has released the BIM Measure (Building Information Modelling) as a new addition to the Cost Consultants' Suite (CATO) software portfolio.

The company had successfully launched CATO at last year's Big 5 event and it is already used by many of the world's leading consultants, contractors and developers.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is used in the construction industry to collaborate more effectively on projects, to create and combine data-rich and constructible 3D structural models especially for large and complex structures.

Causeway's BIM Measure allows a BIM model to be imported and examined for the simplest quantity extraction directly to create immediate cost plans and estimates for the overall project.

"We are already seeing significant growth in the use of BIM in the Middle East and the release of our exciting new BIM Measure comes at an ideal time to assist in measuring 3D models," said Paul Madeira, Chief Operating Officer of Causeway Middle East.

"Causeway supports businesses, from managing feasibility through to construction to ongoing facilities management, and this latest module is a key component in the flow of information through the process," he added.