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Formwork innovations by Doka at Middle East Concrete Exhibition

Doka will be presenting a new load-bearing tower and pathbreaking innovations for forming walls and floor-slabs.

Doka, a silver sponsor and exhibitor at the Middle East Concrete Exhibition which is co-located with The Big 5 International Building and Construction Show 2011, will be presenting a new load-bearing tower and pathbreaking innovations for forming walls and floor-slabs.

Staxo 40

Doka's newly developed load-bearing tower Staxo 40, is weight-reduced and has ergonomically optimised H-frames for easy handling , fast erection and dismantling times - with high stability and workplace safety.

Staxo 40's features such as anchorage points for personal fall arrest systems, integrated safety catches for fixing the diagonal crosses, gapless assembly decks in and between the towers, and a sturdy built-in ladder system ensure a safe working environment at any height. When it comes to repositioning, Staxo 40 is designed to be cost-efficient and fast. Staxo 40 towers can be transferred on shifting-wheels, or crane-lifted in their entirety without having to be dismantled.

Staxo 100

The load-bearing tower Staxo 100, can be deployed for the most challenging civil and structural engineering challenges for projects across the globe. The tower is known for its ability to safely handle transfer slabs in the building sector, and provide ultimate stability for shoring on highway interchanges, bridges, and industrial and petrochemical applications.

Staxo 100's flexibility on irregular layouts, stability, and rugged 97 kN load capacity per leg, combined with the time-saving ability to horizontally pre-assemble the towers, plus reposition entire towers around a construction site by use of shifting wheels, makes it an industry benchmark.

Frami Xlife

Better nailability, quicker and easier cleaning are now available in the lightweight framed formwork Frami Xlife. The upgrade to the timber-plastic composite Xlife sheet, which has special tie-hole protectors hugely extends the service intervals between changing sheets. Additionally, the special surface structure ensures the best concrete results even after many repeat uses. On rented formwork, Xlife cuts the close-out costs for reconditioning damaged form-facing, and reduces the amount of finishing-work needed on the concrete.

Frami Xlife can easily be combined with the Framax stripping corner I with the aid of a profile adapter ? for fast, accurate forming of shafts.

Table Lifting System (TLS)

This innovative Table Lifting System (TLS) from Doka whisks a tableform up to the next floor in only 20 seconds. Once all the tableforms have been moved up from one floor to the next, the TLS needs to be repositioned which until recently was always accomplished by deploying the crane. Now, the self-climbing version of the TLS makes it possible to form floor-slabs without cranes, enhancing safety during the lifting operation. This makes the self-climbing TLS particularly suitable for use on tall buildings.

When used in conjunction with the Protection screen Xclimb60, both the protection screen and the TLS are "climbed" up to the next casting section using the same technical system. As the self-climbing Table Lifting System is structure-guided at all times, it can be safely raised even in poor weather conditions.

Ready-to-Use preassembly service

Doka custom builds the formwork units for the jobsite requirements. Instead of delivering loose material that must be assembled by the contractor's site-crew onsite, the company sends trucks prescheduled or 'Just-in-Time' with the pre-assembled formwork units.

Contractors can specify everything from simple shapes (such as floor slab tables) to complex forms such as domes, curved and irregular shapes. The Ready-to-Use pre-assembled custom formwork service enables contactors to start pouring as soon as the units arrive onsite.

An entire hangar with special service lines, machinery and staff is dedicated to pre-built orders for Large-area Top 50 formwork, column formwork, curved wall formwork, floor slab tables, stairways, and climbing and working platforms. Doka's service, already in high demand in all areas of the UAE, especially remote sites in Habshan and Ruwais, is also available to customers in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.