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Vaisala highlights its newest solutions at Middle East Energy 2024

Total gas pressure is a groundbreaking method for detecting air leaks into the transformer. (Vaisala)

Explore Vaisala's cutting-edge DGA monitors at Middle East Energy 2024, ensuring uninterrupted power supply, preventing outages, and enabling true zero-maintenance monitoring for critical transformers 

Electricity is the backbone of modern society. In today's world, being disconnected from power is unthinkable, even for the briefest intervals. Vaisala's real-time online measurement transmitters are the choice of utilities and plants that want to safeguard critical assets, prevent unexpected outages, increase performance, and prepare timely maintenance plans.

Vaisala's flagship DGA monitor is the ultimate choice for critical power transformers. The company has reduced sampling to a minimum, so that customers can go fully online. The product enables the customers see more than a sampling-type spot check could, and uncover trends and gassing patterns.

Always-on monitoring systems

"We also did away with gas cylinders, and all consumables. The end result? True zero-maintenance monitoring," said Vaisala. 

This means that utilities and industrial clients can now safely increase equipment performance, prolong lifespans, plan for timely maintenance, and prevent unexpected outages. Dissolved gases appearing in transformer oil indicate a fault, while the rate of change in gas concentrations is used to determine the severity of the fault. A multi-gas DGA monitor, like the Optimus DGA monitor, is a good choice for critical transformers, as it provides a comprehensive understanding of the transformer's condition. On the other hand, a single-gas monitor, such as the MHT410, can be used as a simple early warning indicator.

Total gas pressure is a groundbreaking method for detecting air leaks into the transformer. It's a robust, reliable, and intuitive method to ensure that the transformer is still sealed against ambient air and its oxygen. Oxygen will prematurely age and weaken the paper in your transformer's windings, potentially shortening the transformer's operational life by years.

Vaisala said, "Total gas pressure is the answer. And comes as standard in the Vaisala Optimus OPT100 online DGA monitor."

The Vaisala Optimus uses a patented Vacuum Gas Extraction technology, which results in a much more complete extraction of the dissolved gasses as compared to traditional Head Space and other separation methods. This leads to more accurate and reliable results, independent of the oil type, age or the Total Dissolved Gases.

Vaisala will be showing its power transformer monitoring solutions at booth H4.G26 at Middle East Energy 2024 in Hall 4.