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Trimble, a leader in construction technology, has decided to participate in the ?Digital Construction Conference 2022? at Cairo in Egypt, to raise awareness and encourage the better adoption of technology in the Egyptian construction industry, thus aiding an increase in productivity of these infrastructure projects

Trimble Solutions 25 MayPaul Wallett, regional director of Trimble Solutions, Middle East and India. (Image source: Trimble Solutions)

Egypt has been maintaining a consistent growth in its construction sector. The development has been seen after the increase in government investments towards environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient infrastructure that is driving the growth for Egypt?s construction and infrastructure sector. 

The two-day event is scheduled to be held on 24 to 25 May 2022, at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski with Trimble?s experts presenting and lecturing on important topics among eminent construction stakeholders, including officials from the government and municipalities, major project owners, contractors, engineers, property developers and other industry professionals.

Trimble, which has been in the technology industry for more than 40 years, will share its insights on the construction market development at the event. Tareq Masri, director of sales and channel at Trimble Solutions, Middle East, will be a prominent speaker in the leadership panel discussion titled ?Formulating a Sound Digital Roadmap for an Agile and Profitable Construction Business? in the conference.

?We are excited to be part of the event and look forward to sharing knowledge with the industry stakeholders. Egypt is witnessing a massive growth in construction sector and our intent will be to demonstrate, with real examples, how construction technology can empower them to do their jobs effectively and productively. Construction has become an important and competitive business across the region and Trimble is well equipped to aid stakeholders navigate their way to building quality projects, profitably, sustainably and with utmost safety,? stated Masri.  

On the second day, Trimble?s expert Hany Ahmed, business development manager at Trimble Solutions, Middle East, will enlighten the participants through his presentation titled ?Trimble Digitisation and Connected Construction = Confidence?. The presentation is set to discuss connected construction highlighting the various tools and possibilities to streamline construction workflows. By closing the gaps between people, processes, and technology, Connected Construction helps everyone make better decisions from the start. And when problems do arise, you?re able to identify and resolve them faster.

Trimble?s participation in the event will not only allow the company to showcase its technologies but will also enable industry professionals to understand what systems and methodologies work best for different types of projects. This will include discussions on the new versions of Trimble?s Tekla solution that contributes to sustainable BIM construction practices, advanced MEP solutions for increased efficiency and time savings and open collaboration through cloud-based tools for transparency and data sharing in real time.

Paul Wallett, regional director of Trimble Solutions Middle East and India, commented, ?This event is a great platform for us to showcase and share our knowledge with construction professionals for the development of this sector in the country. Constructible BIM process and construction technology solutions from Trimble has been adopted in key projects, as we can see in some of the major projects ? including the Grand Egyptian Museum and Adly Mansour metro station - across Egypt, but a greater outreach is required.?

Trimble is a Silver Sponsor of the event and seeks to bolster its reach in the region.  The solution provider aims to maintain a wider outreach of BIM and construction tech via skill development, embedding a corporate digital culture, and having all project teams complying to standardised processes for optimal construction project delivery.