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Soga Energy Team: We tailor products for the right fit

The group?s offerings exceeds 850 models up to 2.6MW, also extending to a huge possibility of custom-dedicated executions. (Image source: Soga Energy)

At the Middle East Electricity (MEE), Italy-headquartered Soga Energy Team showcased its AC and DC alternators, welders, permanent magnet generators (PMG) for gensets and power on demand, alongside with some of its models of motors and electronic drives for motion control

The group includes brands namely SOGA, SINCRO, AGROWATT, SOGAENERGIES and CMZ. 

The group?s offerings exceeds 850 models up to 2.6MW, also extending to a huge possibility of custom-dedicated executions. This is made possible by the group?s business model based on a ?think different? approach. 

Enrico Soga, Group CEO, asserts that Soga?s range is unmatched in the market: it?s one of the widest today, available from 1kVA to 2.6MW, including AC and DC solutions for low and high speeds.

 ?We can boast of 265 models of synchronous alternators, 59 different- sized power take-off (PTO) tractor-driven generators, 80 models of permanent magnet and ip54generators, 345 models of induction electric motors, 130 types of brushless and stepless motors. That?s referring to the standard versions as in our catalogues. All models can be produced with made to measure executions. Offering a range like this gives OEMs an extraordinary choice.?

And Soga makes this possible because the company thinks unconventionally. Enrico added: ?We like to take alternative roads to a solution. We are global specialists in rotating electrical machines and motion control drives, by offering solutions engineered with an out-of-ordinary approach in mind.? 

Although the Middle East market just makes up for 15 per cent of Soga?s business share globally, mainly in alternators, and is a demanding market, Enrico reiterated that Soga does not pursue a market for business: choose it or create it. ?We?re not interested in producing higher powered units neither rely on quantities and numbers alone. Our focus is the quality of our presence in a market. What we strive for is to always keep working on continuous innovation and technical enhancement with our R&D, on the range diversification and the development of the most suitable products and solutions for OEMs, as well as on strong personal relationships with all our customers.?

Speaking during MEE 2018, sales director Giuseppe Traversa pointed out that Soga has a very good demand for alternators for gensets being provided for the Middle East market and many of its clients are present at the show. ?Our compact alternators help OEMs save space in the canopy. They are the most compact in the market and well appreciated. We also have DC alternators for battery charging both for hybrid and telecoms. We have been the first in developing this kind of a product to supply DC output from alternators. 

?The show, I can witness, is the biggest and the centre of gravity for power suppliers worldwide. I can see customers from all over the world at this platform. We are here because we think it is the right place to show the world what we do.? 

Focusing on power generation and talking about SINCRO and AGROWATT alternators, the Group CEO stated that the brands of the Soga Energy Team are renowned in 80 countries and include synchronous alternators, PTO generators and welders that exceed in performances and quality. AGROWATT is recognised as the international leading name for PTO generators. 

The range includes AC and DC alternators up to 2,600kVA and welders/generators from 130A to 500A, dedicated to industrial, construction, marine, oil and gas, agriculture, telecoms and lighting towers.

Meanwhile, at the SOGA division, asynchronous electric motors are manufactured, mostly in custom version used in a variety of industrial equipment and railway, powering the braking systems on high-speed trains. 

The SOGAENERGIES division (energy special projects) is involved with the production of PMGs for wind turbines working at variable speed and direct-drive technology. The efficiency values of the EV generators are much higher than the market average, ranking among the best ones available with nominal levels higher than 95 per cent.

CMZ provides electronic systems for industrial motion control: axis controllers, brushless and stepless motors and drives, I/O modules, HMI panels and libraries. The division can also develop customised projects, being certified as a Research Laboratory by the Italian Ministry for Scientific Research.