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Volvo Penta showcases power generation engine at MEE 2018

Khonaysser Motors? genset is powered by Volvo Penta?s TWD1645GE engine. (Image source: Volvo Penta)

Volvo Penta is showcasing new power generation engine 16-litre TWD1645GE at the Middle East Electricity (MEE) in Dubai from March 6-8 2018

The company turned to long-term business partner Khonaysser Motors to install the TWD1645GE in a prototype genset.

?The Lebanese genset manufacturer tasked two of its customers with field-testing the unit, and one year later, the product has proven to be a success,? said Volvo.

With an unstable mains electricity supply, Lebanon is frequently subjected to power cuts. To ease the burden, Lebanese electricity supply company Ishtirak El Hassan has used gensets to produce electricity for small companies, shops, offices and homes.

The company began field-testing a new genset equipped with Volvo Penta?s latest power generation diesel engine, the TWD1645GE.

Increasing demand for power

The gensets need to be able to operate for up to 24 hours continuously, and more than 6,500 hours per year.

Ali Soufan, owner of Ishtirak El Hassan, commented, ?It has functioned very well and suited our needs, we have actually bought one of the Volvo Penta engines at the end of field-testing.?

Successful uptake of the latest model

The Middle East is a big market for gensets due to difficulties in the supply of mains electricity.

?This engine has been a remarkably good performer,? said Ronald Youakimian, technical consultant at Beirut-based Khonaysser Motors. ?The dual-circuit cooling system is adequate for our climatic conditions. Technically supporting this product has been an easy job.?

?It is based on a well-known reliable engine family, and all modifications have made a solid grounding for the TWD1645GE. Since field-testing, we have successfully sold many of the gensets with this engine to other customers.?

Volvo Penta?s TWD1645GE has the same engine base as previous models but with more power leveraged. It is designed to perform in harsh environments, is compact and easy to install. Its reduced fuel consumption provides low total cost of ownership.

Making a good impression

Printing company, 53dots, is another of Khonaysser Motors? customers. The company produces a range of printed materials for commercial purposes. It is in operation for more than 3,000 working hours a year and relies solely on gensets to power its machinery.

The TWD1645GE produces up to 770 kVA for standby power at 1500 rpm.

?We have celebrated the 20th anniversary of our relationship with Khonaysser Motors, so we?re happy they?re satisfied with our engines and our aftermarket service,? concluded Hans Andersson, area manager of Volvo Penta for the Middle East.

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