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The recent Middle East Electricity (MEE) report revealed that one of the most important steps towards improving electricity diversification and conservation in the GCC is to develop smart grids

MEE 2018 Edition Crowds at ShowThe region?s smart grid market is expected to reach US$1.68bn in value by 2026. (Image source: Informa)

According to the MENA Power Industry Outlook, the GCC could save up to US$10bn in infrastructure investment through the use of smart grids.

The report, prepared by Ventures Onsite for Middle East Electricity, forecasts that the GCC smart grid market will grow to US$1.68bn by 2026 as regional governments step up their deployment of smart grid infrastructure in the face of increased demand for energy storage systems.

The major shift towards smart grids and their reliance on energy storage systems will be highlighted at MEE 2019, which will take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from 5-7 March.

Claudia Konieczna, exhibition director at Informa Industrial Group, said, ?Smart grids will be one of the most crucial issues under examination at the event - both on the exhibition floor and in tailored conference sessions.?

?While the adoption of renewables continues to rise, the ongoing challenge faced by government, utilities and even commercial projects are looking in the energy generated to provide reliable, on-demand power. A whole range of international manufacturers have signed up for the show to demonstrate the latest innovative and cost-effective technologies informing this vital segment,? she added.

MEE 2019 will launch a dedicated technical seminar on solar and energy storage and management solutions. Organised by Intersolar, the seminar will focus heavily on grid-tied PV system design, battery maintenance and regeneration, and PV system operations and management.

Intersolar will also organise a dedicated conference on electricity storage, examining renewable energy storage solutions, from residential and commercial applications to large-scale storage systems for stabilising grids.