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Next-gen ?luxury? panels poised to transform regional building fa?ades

Middle East Energy is open daily from 10-6pm until 5 March 2020. (Image source: Noor Solar Technology)

The UAE is on the verge of a solar panel tipping point, according to Noor Solar Technology at this week?s 45th edition of Middle East Energy, previously known as Middle East Electricity, the global energy platform taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)

Dr Hamidreza Peshevar, quality and technology director of Noor Solar Technology, a subsidiary of Bahmani Group, the UAE-based manufacturing and industrial technology leader, believes next-generation ?efficient luxury? PV solar modules are poised to take centre-stage on building facades across the Emirates and beyond, simultaneously ending the tradition of solar power solutions being placed out of sight on rooftops.

?We want to encourage architects, developers and homeowners to incorporate renewable power generation solutions into their projects, but it will only work if banks and financial institutions collaborate across the supply chain to ease the cost of initial installation,? said Dr Peshevar.

Noor Solar Technology produces a nine-strong range of next-generation PV solar module options in different patterns, colours and thickness. Leveraging the extensive research and development efforts at its giant factory in Dubai Investment Park, one of the nine module options is a bifacial or two-sided, panel where the non-sun facing side generates power from secondary reflections bouncing off its sun-facing side.

Despite the solutions, the cost of a next-generation module system currently equates to approximately four a half years of traditional power bills in a single investment at the point of installation. Dr Peshevar insists cross-sector collaboration and ease of access are essential to increase adoption of sustainable solutions with no regular monthly cost once in place.

?Solar module technology has come a long way, although our principal challenge is still the expensive initial installation cost exceeding that of traditional power sources. There is a capital investment requirement where manufacturers need the support of banks and financial institutions; our challenge is making them realise and understand these bankable projects,? said Dr Peshevar. ?We need a construction sector leader to jump on the wave, because once one is on-board the others will follow.?

Noor Solar Technology is one of thousands of industry breakthroughs on display at DWTC this week. Featuring more than 1,100 exhibitors from 130-plus countries, Middle East Energy is held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Deputy Ruler and is hosted by the UAE Ministry of Energy.