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Saft launches remote monitoring solution for industrial nickel batteries

Data collected by Intelli-Connect is stored and analysed in Microsoft Azure cloud solution. (Image source: Saft)

Saft has launched Intelli-Connect, a digital monitoring solution for battery fleet operators to remotely monitor the condition of a limitless number of nickel-technology batteries

Ideal for scattered and isolated sites, Intelli-Connect features advanced State of Charge and State of Health proprietary algorithms that display real-time status of the batteries condition based on measured temperature, current, voltage, and electrolyte level. Operators can log in locally or via a web app to review data, graphs and charts.

The solution allows operators to shift from time-based to condition-based battery maintenance, which saves operational expenses with 75 per cent fewer site visits. Capital expenditure is optimised as batteries are only replaced when needed. With nickel batteries already providing a long and reliable lifetime, Intelli-Connect further reduces their total cost of ownership (TCO). 

According to Olivier Amiel, Saft marketing director, ?Saft experts developed the Intelli-Connect algorithm using our 100 years of experience of nickel-technology batteries in the field. The solution helps customers plan their maintenance activities more efficiently and maximise the lifetime of their batteries.?

Data collected by Intelli-Connect is stored and analysed in Microsoft Azure cloud solution ? used by major industrial high-tech companies such as Total ? which offers data encryption and cybersecurity. The monitoring device provides three modes of connection: LAN connection (Ethernet), 2G/3G modem, and satellite modem to offer instant access to data from anywhere. 

Saft?s experts can provide additional services by analysing the data collected to help optimise battery life. For example, if the battery room overheats, they will advise operators to reduce the temperature. Or if the temperature is not homogenous throughout a battery string, they will suggest parameter adjustments. These experts can use Intelli-Connect to detect a charging voltage that could cause overconsumption of electrolyte.