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Specify cable testing from BASEC, the experts in fire

Regular auditing and product sampling allows BASEC to test the cable routinely. (Image source: BASEC)

The construction products regulation (CPR) is established in the EU markets as a mandatory requirement to ensure product safety and compliance to recognised standards

The UAE is working to implement a similar, rigorous testing methodology applicable to all fixed installations in domestic, commercial and industrial premises and other civil engineering works. Comprehensive testing of cables in Europe applies to power, communications and fibre optic cables irrespective of the place of manufacture and includes novel/unique cables and those which are not designed to any design standard

To provide reassurance that cables tested for fire do meet the specified standards it is extremely important for independent testing to be undertaken as part of the approval processes to accurately validate compliance.

Alongside fire testing, cable products generally should hold a formal product certification, this can be for a single or range of cable products, providing manufacturers with on­going surveillance in order to track product quality. Regular auditing and product sampling allows BASEC to test the cable routinely to ensure consistent manufacture to the standard?s requirements.

BASEC certification is an enabler. In delivering independent value driven testing services, end users can be sure that when they see the BASEC mark ­ quality standards have been met. This in turn helps them to verify reliability of the cable products specified for use in end applications such as: utilities, construction, solar, transportation and fire safety.

Meet the team at Middle East Energy, 3?5 March 2020 on stand H8. F01.