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Bosch unveils fixed dome cameras in Middle East

The Flexidome IP starlight 8000i fixed dome cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. (Image Source: Bosch)

In an attempt to save time up to 75 per cent in pre-configuration, installation and wireless remote commissioning, Bosch has launched the new Flexidome IP starlight 8000i fixed dome cameras in the Middle East

The cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor areas enable detailed image capture in challenging light conditions, and data analysis for improved security and delivering business insights.

The Flexidome?s product enables set-up in only three convenient steps- installing the mounting bracket, connecting the cables, and attaching the camera module.

With this model, installers can commission the cameras entirely wireless without having to repeatedly climb up and down ladders, or hire lift equipment to reach cameras at high levels.

A wireless contactable tablet or smartphone with the Bosch project assistant app can be used to adjust the pan, tilt, roll and zoom (PTRZ) to set the required field of view without touching the camera or lens.

Further, the adjustments required post-installation for new store layouts or altered high-risk zones can be carried out remotely after a secure release process to save time, effort and resources.

Other features of the new cameras include built-in intelligent video analytics with camera trainer functionality. With camera trainer, the video cameras can be taught to recognise and detect stationary objects or certain situations instead of being triggered by motion alone.

All Flexidome IP starlight 8000i models feature HD 1080p, six megapixels, and the 4,000 ultra HD resolution to provide exceptional detail - even in low-light situations. While capturing of the fast-moving objects with up to 60fps becomes easy, the dome camera complements water resistance of IP66, high quality, dual-layer coating for added protection against corrosion and IK10+ vandal resistance.