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Brady offers safekey padlock for lockout/tagout

Charted key numbers ensure that no two keys will open the same lock. (Image source: Brady)

Safety equipment manufacturer Brady Corporation has offered a new, innovative safekey lockout padlocks to achieve the safest lockout/tagout procedures during maintenance operations

With more than 100 000 unique keys, the new locks can support large, company-specific key hierarchies in which no two locks can be opened with the same key.

Highest lockout padlock safety and security

The new safekey lockout padlocks offer 700 per cent more key possibilities than a standard safety padlock.

The padlocks can optimally support custom hierarchies of large sets of keyed different padlocks that can be opened when needed by the master key or grand master key of a manager. Charted key numbers ensure that no two keys in the same company will open the same lock if required. For additional safety, both non-conductive and anti-corrosion padlock designs are available.

Increased lockout/tagout efficiency

The padlocks help to increase the efficiency of lockout/tagout during maintenance operations with colour coded keys that match the colour of their padlock. About nine colours are available to help a maintenance professional get the right key for one of his locks. The locking mechanism also allows smooth key insertion and removal for quick and easy padlock handling.


Each padlock can be engraved with the name of an employee, team, department or work area or with a serial number. Besides keyed different options, keyed alike options are available to open a series of locks with the same key.