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Parker?s TS1000 Coalescer to reduce maintenance overheads in dusty area

PSP31170-04-TS1000. (Image source: Parker)

Parker Hannifin Corporation, global provider of motion and control technologies, has introduced new TS1000 coalescer, developed specifically for regions such as the Middle East, aiming to reduce maintenance overheads in dusty areas

In areas such as the Middle East, protecting gas turbines and compressors from challenging environmental conditions including dust, sand, moisture, salt and other contaminants is vital to performance and reliability. One of the problems operators face is that each installation has differing environmental conditions, often with seasonal variations and paper specifications for filtration systems may not portray the reality of how well they will operate once installed.

Through experience and expertise, however, filtration solutions can be designed to match site conditions and significant performance to turbine performance and reliability gained, offering a rapid return on investment.

?Coalescers are often used in filtration systems to prevent moisture from reaching the filter and mixing with sand and dust to create blockages. They usually operate by combining water droplets to make them bigger and heavier, allowing a large proportion to drain away rather than continue in the airstream to the final filters,? said Parker.

?This prevents small droplets from becoming embedded in the filter ?pleats? of higher efficiency filters and causing blockages or impediments to the air flow, which can lead to sudden, unwanted increases in differential pressures,? noted the company.

Unlike traditional mat coalescers, the TS1000 uses a synthetic mesh that removes moisture by catching small liquid droplets and combining them to form larger ones that drop out of the air flow. The unit operates using a two-stage coalescence configuration.

To further reduce maintenance time and cost, the TS1000?s synthetic media is cleaned in situ with low pressure and cold water. Cleaning can be quickly carried out during any downtime or outage. This innovative unit helps maintain turbine output, reduces maintenance and gives service life performance.

Parker will be showcasing its filtration solutions at this year?s Middle East Rotating Machinery Technology and Innovation Conference (RoTIC) event in Dubai, from 25-27 September. Experts in gas turbine filtration solutions designed for the real world will be available to discuss your application challenges and latest technologies throughout the show.