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Siemens Energy partners with Tenable to enhance OT in the energy sector

Siemens Energy will integrate Tenable OT Security into their Omnivise T3000 control system. (Image source: Tenable)

Tenable has expanded its partnership with Siemens Energy to further secure operational technology (OT) environments in the energy sector

According to a statement, Siemens Energy will integrate Tenable OT Security into their Omnivise T3000 control system as a network intrusion detection system (NIDS), in addition to already leveraging Tenable OT Security for asset discovery and vulnerability management. 

Tenable and Siemens Energy’s collaborations bring together cybersecurity and OT knowledge bases to address a key challenge for the energy sector: securing an ever-changing asset base that bridges the digital and physical world. Energy sector worksites typically involve unique configurations of equipment from many manufacturers and increasingly involve a fluctuating set of networked digital devices. If companies fail to keep up with the onslaught of new devices and new threats, they can end up with cybersecurity blind spots and increased risk in the physical and digital systems that produce and move electricity and fuel. 

“Siemens Energy brings deep OT knowledge to cybersecurity challenges and has become a leader in securing energy work sites,” said Marty Edwards, deputy chief technical officer for OT/IoT, Tenable. “We are particularly honored that Siemens Energy has chosen Tenable OT Security as the right solution set not only for their expanded service offerings, but to integrate into their industry-leading control systems.”

“Tenable OT Security provides much-needed visibility into the cyber health of OT systems that sit at the heart of energy businesses,” said Leo Simonovich, vice-president and global head of industrial cyber and digital security at Siemens Energy.

“These capabilities strengthen our Omnivise T3000 cybersecurity and enable easier compliance with regulations that increasingly emphasize monitoring and detection. Tenable has a well-earned reputation for vulnerability discovery and we believe there is more value for our customers that can be leveraged from this powerful security package,” said Matthias Fels, global head of product and portfolio management for controls at Siemens Energy.

The integration of Tenable OT Security is expected to come in the next Omnivise T3000 service pack update for Release 9.2. Meanwhile, Siemens Energy technicians are already helping Omnivise OT Security customers understand Tenable's full capabilities and how to apply those capabilities to enhance cybersecurity across their worksites. Siemens Energy experts will work with customers to properly deploy Tenable’s powerful cybersecurity tools across their asset base, enabling network intrusion detection, asset discovery, and network-based anomaly detection, in addition to vulnerability management. Periodic contextualized reports from Siemens Energy help customers quantitatively analyse risks and continuously mature their cybersecurity capabilities.