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Farnek launches new tech to make property inspections quicker

Javeria Aijaz, managing director of HITEK. (Image source: HITEK)

A new snagging module has been added to the cutting-edge CAFMTEK platform by HITEK, a UAE-based supplier of smart facilities management (FM) solutions, to speed up property inspections and handovers

HITEK is part of the Farnek group of companies. The new application also gives frontline personnel the opportunity to remotely raise snagging assignments with the ability to annotate both asset-related and geographic data. Each assignment can have several photographs, including "before" and "after" pictures, as well as thorough explanations of problems that still need to be fixed.

The ability to close snagging jobs with completion comments is also available. Through the CAFMTEK online site, which can provide multimedia snagging reports to span any time period, all jobs and their associated progress can be tracked and monitored. This makes comparison tasks simpler, more adaptable, and more accountable.

A platform for computer-aided facility management (CAFM) called CAFMTEK gives FM professionals more control over the locations, assets, and resources they manage. This cutting-edge software programme provides real-time data that may be utilised to improve a variety of processes, including cleaning, security, and maintenance.

CAFMTEK, which was developed utilising cutting-edge SaaS technology, offers business analytics together with information on location, service-level agreements (SLAs), and asset management. To enable inventory monitoring, asset management, and now snagging, its functionality makes use of cloud technologies, IoT, and mobile devices, including smart watches.

According to HITEK's investigation, the platform has been successful in lowering utility expenditures by up to 30% and labour expenses by up to 17%. Through the digitalization of service delivery, it has also demonstrated success in extending asset lifecycles.

“An inspector evaluating the condition of a property, can operate the application from a handheld PC, take a picture and describe the full details of any issue. The reports can be downloaded in pdf & excel format and are designed to pinpoint all snags within a particular area, in the shortest time possible," said Javeria Aijaz, managing director of HITEK.

“The ability to upload images, asset data and geographic information as part of snagging tasks, enables users to improve intra-team coordination significantly, avoid duplicating effort and optimise service delivery, benefiting all stakeholders." 

“Typically, a snagging or ‘punch’ list will be prepared and issued by the appropriate certifying authority, such as the architect, contract administrator or managing agent. The faults highlighted in the report should be rectified before any certificate of practical completion can be issued. In most cases, that will involve the main building contractor handing over to the owner, sales managers to the landlord or between outgoing and incoming facilities managers.   

“Our snagging module can identify major as well as minor or even hidden issues quickly, saving time and money by boosting efficiency, increasing productivity and monitoring frontline performance more effectively."