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Lift Connect telematics from Genie

Developed in direct response to rental customers? unique business needs, the new Genie Lift Connect programme is a telematics offering focused on actionable information, flexibility and transparency

No matter what size of aerial equipment fleet ? from 10 to 10,000 machines ? equipment management is something that rental stores do every day. From knowing how equipment is performing or how often a piece is being utilised to where each unit is or when it is ready for maintenance, machine data can provide a lot of insight to rental businesses. Genie Lift Connect solutions will be available in North America in early 2019, in EMEAR in mid-2019 and available globally in 2019-2020.

?The world is changing,? said Christine Zeznick, Genie senior product and business development manager, business development, Terex AWP.

?Our customers are operating their businesses faster and more efficiently than ever before, constantly looking for ways to add value and drive business growth. One technology that is opening up new opportunities for rental businesses is the use of telematics. Genie started its telematics journey in 2015 with the launch of the telematics-ready connector.

Zeznick added that this was in direct response to the mixed fleet nature of the rental industry and allowed its customers access to a few key data points with a plug-and-play solution of their choosing.

?Although many have appreciated this flexible approach, over time our customers have requested access to more data and information. Today?s Genie Lift Connect telematics technology has evolved to help rental stores understand the information their machines are providing, enabling them to manage their businesses more efficiently.?

Actionable Information

Data is great, but the value is created when data is transformed into actionable information. With dashboards and alert notifications, the Genie Lift Connect programme provides fleet managers with tools to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime.


With the introduction of standard APIs, customers are able to leverage data from mixed fleets and multiple OEM telematics platforms. The Genie Lift Connect solution provides data in two ways: Customers can utilise the Genie Lift Connect portal and all of its features, or alternatively, if with an existing system, customers can consume the data via a standard API.


Zeznick stated, ?We?ve designed the new Genie Lift Connect solution to share more information than other offerings available in the industry. This is truly an evolution in Genie?s telematics journey.?

The Future of Data

According to Zeznick, as time goes on, the data from the Genie Lift Connect offering will become more and more powerful. Initially, this information will be ?descriptive,? focusing on what?s currently happening with a machine including how many hours are on a machine, where the machine physically is and if there are any fault codes on it. Over time, Genie Lift Connect data can be leveraged on a larger scale and used for ?predictive? and ?prescriptive? activities, such as predicting failures in the field based on how the equipment is actually being used and proactively prescribing maintenance and service.