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Tekla launches BIMsight

Tekla, the 3D modeling software provider launched a new advanced free application for building information model-based project communication and cooperation.

Tekla BIMsight is available for everyone in the industry to download from the Tekla website at no cost. This will allow contractors, designers, architects, MEP detailers to combine their models and collaborate using this new BIM software.

"Tekla's mission is to drive the evolution to digital information modeling, multiplying our customers' potential to think and achieve big in their projects and businesses," explained Tekla Executive Vice President Risto R?ty.

Tekla BIMsight makes it easy to combine and understand 3D models created by different AEC disciplines with different software, to interpret the design intent, check for clashes, and comment and mark changes.

Tekla BIMsight presents a centralised way to maintain and communicate shared construction information: project participants can see the big picture as well as every important detail in the same, illustrative and easy-to-grasp 3D model.

"Tekla BIMsight will definitely benefit the region's construction industry, by providing a centralized platform from which to manage projects and define business processes. By using BIM, the region's construction industry should see increase in efficiency, reductions in risk and improvements in safety, whilst addressing the critical demand for sustainability, across the whole life of construction projects," added Tahir Sharif, managing director of Tekla Middle East.

Tekla BIMsight has been described as 'the missing link' BIM software application because it enables accurate and effective 3D building information model-based project collaboration and management for everyone in the industry.

BIM-based way of working supports the modern requirements of sustainability and green building, for example, by optimising prefabrication and site management and enabling a paperless process. Accurate, model-based communication enables better constructability through finding, reacting to and correcting possible design errors early before on-site construction.

Tekla BIMsight software is ready to download for free at