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Admiral Mobility delivers electric truck for transporting bottled water

Admiral and Farizon aim to bring 5,000 electric vehicles to the Middle East over the next three years. (Image source: Mai Dubai)

UAE-based bottled water company Mai Dubai has incorporated an electric truck into its delivery fleet

Admiral Mobility, in collaboration with Farizon Commercial Group, officially handed over the EV truck to Mai Dubai at a ceremony held at its factory, in the presence of Abraham Kah, CEO of Mai Dubai, Fan Xianjun, CEO of Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group and Abby Thomas, director of Admiral Mobility. 

UAE-based Admiral Mobility, a subsidiary of the Admiral Global Group, partnered with Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group in 2022. Their aim is to bring 5,000 electric vehicles to the Middle East over the next three years. The fully electric 8T Cargo Truck and an Admiral Energy 47KW Charger with 20% extended battery life was provided with full driver training, servicing, maintenance, and insurance.

Mai Dubai said will support the COP28 conference by delivering drinking water in glass bottles using the recently launched electric truck.

Abraham Kah, CEO of Mai Dubai, said, “Sustainability has been the foundation of our business philosophy and the primary force behind all our operations since inception. Our latest alliance with Admiral Mobility and Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group exemplifies our commitment to supporting the UAE's mission of reducing carbon footprint in the mobility sector. By adopting electric vehicles as an eco-friendlier alternative, we hope to drive significant reductions in CO2 emissions, as well as ensure cleaner business practices.”

“We are extremely pleased in being the first beverage company in the UAE to introduce electric powered truck, in keeping with our renewable energy strategy. Most importantly, this EV truck will be pivotal in delivering Mai Dubai’s drinking water at the prestigious COP 28 conference, where we will offer dispensers and our returnable five Gallon bottles, and glass bottles, reaffirming our commitment to driving sustainable operations in the region,” he added. 

Among Mai Dubai’s other sustainability initiatives is the installation of an 18.1MW rooftop solar system. According to the company, it is the second-largest solar roof installation globally and the largest in the Middle East. This solar installation alone can help mitigate 10,000 metric tons of carbon emissions annually, Mai Dubai added. 

Graham Bremer, general manager of Admiral Mobility, said, “As part of our strategic partnership with Mai Dubai, we have successfully handed over our fully electric eight-ton commercial truck to Mai Dubai, making the beverage company the first in the UAE to adopt sustainable transportation. Our initiatives represent our commitment to the UAE's 'Year of Sustainability,' as well as promoting green transportation and lowering carbon footprints. We also hope our actions will further encourage more businesses to implement sustainable mobility strategies and accelerate the transition to greener mobility solutions. Admiral Mobility, in collaboration with Geely Farizon, will continue to pursue our goal of developing, testing, and delivering electric vehicles tailored specifically for the GCC’s climatic conditions, and the unique logistic needs of our customers."  

Fan Xianjun, CEO of Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group, said, “It is a great pleasure to join hands with Mai Dubai, one of the region's most environmentally conscious water brands, to set new standards in sustainable mobility solutions. Mai Dubai has always inspired us with its dedication to promoting sustainable operations, and we are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Moreover, this will be an opportunity for us to support the upcoming COP28 conference, which will be a new turning point in our sustainability initiatives.”