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Al Zahia deployed first driverless car in the UAE

AI Moblity Service car. (Image source: Sharjah Holding PJSC)

Sharjah Holding PJSC, a strategic partnership between Majid Al Futtaim Properties and Sharjah Asset Management, has announced collaboration between the Al Zahia community and the Ministry of Health and Prevention to deploy autonomous vehicles to support residents amid coronavirus pandemic

Since its launch, the vehicles, known as AI Mobility Service Cars, have been traversing the community offering free sanitising products including face masks, gloves and hand sanitiser to help preserve the health and safety of residents across Al Zahia. 

The initiative marks the first time autonomous vehicles have been deployed across a residential community in the UAE in support of resident wellbeing.

Homeowners will hear the vehicle?s catchy song and slogan as the car navigates the community on a pre-programmed route. To access products, community members can stop the car simply by waving their hand as though hailing a taxi. The products will then be dispensed free of charge before the car continues on its route.

Powered by technology companies Huawei and Neolix, the car incorporates an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) ?brain? to travel the neighbourhood safely. In addition to being familiar with the

Al Zahia community through HD mapping, the also intelligently analyses its surroundings using a combination of cameras and sensors to detect people, animals, and other cars within range. A digital screen also features on the vehicle?s front to share messages with the community.

The car measures 2.4 metres cubed and has a 500-kilogram load capacity, comparable to that of a minivan. With more than 160 items stored in the vehicle, which are restocked frequently by Al Zahia?s community management team, residents can enjoy peace of mind that they?re well equipped to protect themselves and their families.