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Honeywell’s newest solutions to enhance airport safety

Honeywells NAVITAS Smart Visual Docking system incorporates technologies such as LIDAR. (Image source: Honeywell)

Honeywell has launched its updated series of products that can make air travel safer and more efficient

Showcasing these products at the Airport Show in Dubai, Honeywell said that these solutions can optimise gate operations and improve situational awareness for pilots and airside operations teams, resulting in faster turnaround times for aircraft. 

Part of these products is the Honeywell NAVITAS Smart Visual Docking system. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies such AI/ML-based video and LIDAR for sensor data fusion, a multi-colour ramp information display, obstacle recognition, wingtip collision prevention, all-gate layouts, all-weather capability, low-to-no maintenance requirements, and strong cybersecurity features.

Honeywell has also launched the following solutions: 

        Turnaround Manager: Offers a user-friendly browser-based user interface for controller and maintenance, AI/ML-based turnaround analytics, flexible deployment options, cybersecurity measures and an API-based interface for seamless integration with third-party systems.

        Single Lamp Control & Monitoring System (ASDv5 SVL): Provides a cyber-secure platform that supports both halogen and LED lights and is IEC 62870 compliant.

        Safety Voltage Limiter (SVL): An adaptor that is used to limit the voltage output from a transformer to less than 50VAC to help reduce the risk of electrical shock and improve safety for maintenance engineers during maintenance activities.

        Loop Sensor: Offers localised and cyber-secure detection of various types of aircraft and vehicles, estimates their velocity and direction up to 4,000 metres away, and is capable of functioning in all weather conditions.

Since the pandemic began, the aviation industry has continued to struggle with a staffing shortfall. For example, there are 1,200 fewer air traffic controllers today than there were ten years ago, Honeywell said. The newest airside solutions from Honeywell aim to support hectic airside operations by streamlining workflows and reducing human error.

Alex Cowen, general manager for global airports at Honeywell Building Technologies, said, “Honeywell’s solutions are designed to meet the challenges that impede efficiency and safety, such as ramp obstacles, adverse weather conditions, maintenance and management of gate downtime and capacity optimisation like airport congestion.”