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Easily turn your phone into a personal radar

With RFID, assets can be given unique digital identities that enable you to identify and locate them all at once, from a distance, in real time.

Which items or assets should be on your radar? With our innovative EXA81 add-on your phone and tablet can pick up any RFID labelled item within 15 metres. See highlighted assets on-screen, and home in. No line of sight required. Are you interested?

Brady's EXA81 turns any smartphone or tablet into a personal radar that can pick up radio signals from all RFID labelled items, assets, tools and equipment within 15 metres. Easily select any item and home in with sounds and visuals.

Watch EXA 81 in the short video:

Find without searching

Easily read up to 1000 RFID-labelled items per second within 15 metres, with a single scan. Select the item you need on your smartphone or tablet screen, and quickly home in with sounds and visuals. Line of sight is not required, and you will not need to find, move, flip or rotate items and assets to scan a barcode.

EXA81 v1 img

Your phone. Your apps.

Easily empower your Android and Apple phones and tablets with the EXA81 to add an RFID read range of up to 15 metres. Firmly attach mobile devices with screws or Quadlock and link your phone or tablet via Bluetooth 5.3 or USB-C. Your device now has an ergonomic pistol grip to trigger scans of UHF RFID labels, barcodes, 2D codes and NFC labels for up to 24 hours on a single charge.

In addition, we can provide an app to get you going, develop a custom application tailored to your business needs, or adapt an existing company app to present incoming data in any way you want.

Full inventories on your phone

And that is not all. Quickly check centralised inventory data with actual inventories by comparing incoming data from items and assets identified with battery-free RFID labels.

EXA81 with phone

Just walk through while scanning to cover the entire space, or get support from fixed RFID reader systems. Home in on excess inventory and highlight missing items, or forward actual inventories for comparison at a later time.

Find out more about the EXA81

Free Guidebook: How to give every asset a unique digital identity

With RFID, assets can be given unique digital identities that enable you to identify and locate them all at once, from a distance, in real time, without needing line of sight.

As a manufacturer, we can realise the technology's full potential in any unique workplace by fully customising our RFID solution and by making it work for you, in your working environment.

Brady offers a complete, fully customisable RFID solution that can generate considerable efficiency gains, both on operational and decision-making levels.

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