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Al Masaood CV&E announces the availability of Renault Trucks T X-64

The new model Renault Trucks T X-64 is specifically designed for Middle Eastern and African markets. (Image source: Al Masaood)

Al Masaood Commercial Vehicles and Equipment (CV&E) has announced the availability of Renault Trucks? T X-64 in Abu Dhabi

The new model is set to appeal to customers looking for cost-efficient trucks that feature European quality and deliver an optimised total cost of ownership and standard warranty.

The Renault Trucks T X-64 is produced in a specialised conversion workshop at the Bourg-en-Bresse manufacturing site in France. The vehicle is converted using rigorous industrial processes and is specifically intended for customers operating in Africa and the Middle East. Its high ground clearance makes it ideal for light construction, logistic or petroleum transportation, while its T cab maximises the driver's comfort.  

Mohamed El Zeftawi, General Manager, Al Masaood CV&E, said, ?The launch of Renault Trucks? T X-64 in Abu Dhabi, along with our customised solutions, forms part of our efforts to contribute to maintaining the UAE?s trucks market updated with the advancements and innovations at the global level. Apart from offering products that are specifically designed, manufactured, and maintained to ensure users operational, safety, we also strive to keep pace with environmental requirements. Sharing Renault Trucks? vision, we believe that creativity and innovation come in many forms, as reflected by the latest T X-64?s exciting features.?

The T X-64 has explicitly been prepared for the region?s markets, with its reinforced chassis and other specifications. The option of hub reduction allows drivers to operate either on-road on rough conditions, making the T X-64 ideal for tackling the region's most challenging terrain. 

It is fitted with a new ultra-robust reinforced 6x4 300 mm chassis with a three-axle profile, allowing a load of eight tonnes on the front axle and 26 tonnes on the rear. For optimum driving comfort and perfect control of the vehicle in any situation, the Renault Trucks T X-64 is fitted with an Opt driver robotised gearbox with off-road mode and manual acceleration.

Based on a Renault Trucks T Euro VI converted into Euro III, the Renault Trucks T X-64 guarantees the highest pollution control level as applied in Africa and the Middle East.

Apart from Al Masaood Commercial Vehicles and Equipment Division?s comprehensive after-sales services, Renault Trucks T X-64 also commended the Division for its integrated solutions with tangible and practical technical and commercial strengths and features.