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Magna Tyres showcases its latest products

Magna Tyres latest releases have been delivered to push the boundaries of tyre technology. (Image source: Magna Tyres)

Magna Tyres, a global leader in tyre manufacturing, has launched five additions to its product portfolio

The development, that the company stated demonstrates its commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry, includes the expansion of the MB800 Series which will be available in a larger size: 355/65-15. This has been undertaken to enhance the versatility and efficiency of the product for a wide range of applications.

Elsewhere, the company has enhanced the M-STRADDLE tyre which is now available in size 450/95R25. Designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh working environments, the new release is catered to the specific needs of the material handling industry.

To meet the evolving demands of off-road and heavy-duty operators, Magna Tyres has introduced the M-TRACTION tyre that has been engineered with state-of-the-art technology. According to the company, the new product delivers superior traction, durability and stability to ensure optimal performance in the most challenging terrains and weather conditions.

For underground mining operations, the new MU26 tyre has been unveiled to deliver enhanced traction, durability and resistance to abrasions. Maximising both performance and longevity, it is being made available to ensure uninterrupted operations and reduce downtime.

The MA610 is the final addition to the new product line-up. Designed for short duration forklift shifts, the product is engineered with a strong base and wear-resistant tread compounds and is available in multiple sizes.

Hein de Wind, commercial director at Magna Tyres, explained, “We are thrilled to introduce these five new tyres, which represent the culmination of our tireless dedication to innovation and excellence. Each tyre has been meticulously engineered to exceed the expectations of our customers, offering unrivalled performance, durability, and value across diverse applications and industries."

The launch of these five new tyres underscores Magna Tyres' unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of tyre technology and delivering solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today's dynamic market landscape.